Why hunting is important to farming.

Why is hunting and trapping important to agriculture?
Deer. I know hunting season is over but this is a great topic. In our area we are overpopulated with deer. Its very common to see 30 to 50 deer feeding on farmers fields. In orchards, Christmas tree farms, and nurseries bucks will rub the trees making them unable to sell or damage them. On our farm we have crop damage permits which allow us to extend the hunting season 
Bear. They can do extensive damage to a field in a very short amount of time. 
Geese. They eat a lot of small grains. The snow goose actually pulls the plant up by the root.
Ferel pigs. These are the worst especially down south because they procreate fast and in large numbers. They will destroy just about a whole field and the woods as well.
Fox/coyotes. These are a danger to chickens and small livestock. A fox/coyote can whipe out an entire flock.
Weasle/mink. Also a danger to chickens because they can dig under a fence. They slit the birds throats and leave them behind.
These are just a few. You might not support hunting but it is very important to us farmers whether we are growing produce or livestock. We do carry insurance for these types of damages but crop insurance is subsidized from the fedrel government so we obviously don't want to abuse that. Farmers can also rent their property for hunting leases which allows another form of income. We also pride ourselves in conservation. With the purchases of hunting licenses we can work with organizations like Ducks Unlimited, National Wild Turkey Foundation, and other conservation programs to improve wildlife habitat. Such as planting trees, stream terraces, building wood duck habitats, and so much more! Feel free to add something below
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